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I am Assistant Professor of Communication Studies at UCLA.

My research interests include political communication, parties, behavior, European politics, comparative democratic institutions, and research methodology. I am currently writing a book about how parties’ organizations affect candidate strategies, representation, and electoral success. I am also working on several projects that examine the institutions that regulate party diversity, the normative implications of party organizations for representation, and how political information shapes consumer sentiment. The methods I employ include formal theory, experiments, statistics, and interviews.

I received my Ph.D. in Political Science from Columbia University. Before moving to UCLA, I was Assistant Professor of Political Science at Northwestern University.

I currently run the UCLA Political Party Organizations Lab, in which undergraduate researchers and I collect and code constitutions and rules from political parties around the world. At UCLA, I teach courses on political communication, media and politics, and research methodology.

I have appeared in the media explaining how parliamentary systems work, discussing the 2012 presidential debates (here and here), and blogging about candidate selection rules the 2013 Australian parliamentary election.